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At The Art of Running, we take great pride in presenting our customers with a remembrance worthy of their achievement. For almost twenty years it has been our goal to provide you with the finest running lithographs available, along with impeccable customer service. For each event that we do, we endeavor to capture and portray the excitement of the marathon along with the beauty and unique character of the city it runs through.
xxxxLess than 1% of the population has ever completed a marathon. Many of our customers have completed multiple marathons and many of them have collected every Boston or New York City Marathon lithograph that we have produced. We also know many of our customers on a first name basis. So to all of our customers... Congratulations! We admire your commitment and determination and applaud your outstanding achievement.

A detail from our 1989 Boston Marathon Lithograph.

Visit our Catalog to view our past editions of fine art prints. Many are still available for your collection!

xxxxAs we continue to create the finest lithographs available, we appreciate your comments and your feedback. Let us know what you think and how these lithographs enhance your total running experience. We plan to have a "From Our Customer" page and we will post some of your quotes.

Have a great race. We'll be cheering for you when you cross the finish line!

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